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We truly appreciate your support of our project – Thank you!

Here you get more detailed information what you signed up for:

The Kickstarter Launch

Right now we plan to start our Kickstarter campaign in December 2018. As soon as the date is determined you will be informed via our Newsletter.

Important information like that are always sent first via this channel!

As soon as the date is announced you will find a countdown timer on our website.

Your subscriber reward!

The first stretch goal we reach will be yours and completely for free.

In our facebook group we will make suggestions for the goals we have in mind. It´s then your turn to tell us what you like most and we will consider it. We´re also open for new ideas.

We thank you in advance for your active participation in our social networks to shape the future of CaseGaming.

Updates, surveys, participation

As already indicated – your opinion matters! We will do our very best to get and stay in contact with you to adjust our product to your needs and expectations.

We will tell you most of our plans in advance so that you have the possibility to share your thoughts with us and the rest of the community.

We can´t promise to fulfill the wishes of everybody but what we can promise is, that we will give our very best!

Spread the word!

To get a head start we need your help to get our mission out in space. So please share your subscription and make the world know that great things are about to come. The more backers we will have, the more features we will bring to the table.

Find us through the internet

You want to keep up with us or find out about our past activities? Then join our Social Media pages. You´ll find the links below.

Find out about our previous activities. We started the channel in german but now we´re changing to english to make it accessible for a bigger audience. If you like them give our videos a thumbs up and a comment and also subscribe to the channel.

Check out our latest footage on Instagram. Here we will share lots of pictures of our progress. Just follow us and stay tuned! 🙂

If facebook is the Social Media channel of your choice you´ll also find all of our progress there. Just follow the link and give us a like and a comment!

Thanks 🙂

Now this group is our main tool to get in touch with you. If you want to actively participate on our project you´ll better join us there and tell us your thoughts and wishes.

We will also use this group for surveys like for your desired stretch goals on our Kickstarter campaign.

„People do not stop playing as they get older, they are getting older because they stop playing!“